The Rose, From The Little Prince. 

The Velveteen Rabbit. Alliance Theater, Atlanta

Macy's/Egalston Fundraising Event. Pocket ladies

Waffle House Halftime Show for a Falcons game at the Dome in Atlanta.

Waffle House Halftime Show for Falcons game at the Dome in Atlanta. 60 dancers with tear away football costumes.

Tooth Fairy. Print ad, Modern Dentistry

The Stalk. Dragon Con

Macy's Holiday Display

Macy's Holiday Display

Macy's Holiday Display

This is a sampling of my costume design and styling. My client list has included, Georgia Lottery, Macy's, Atlanta Magazine, The Olympics, World Championship Wrestling, various studio photographers, theaters/live industrial shows, television, as well as individuals for Dragon Con. I specialize in whimsical fantasy costumes .

El Gigante was made into an action figure along with my costume.


El Gigante. World Championship Wrestling.

Stephanie Kaskel Bogle

1996 Olympics Opening Ceremonies. I was in charge of helping design and headed up the build team for 400 pairs of wings.

Nitro Girls Calendar.


1996 Olympics Opening Ceremonies, Atlanta, GA. (Close-up)